5 Reasons Why You're Not Gaining Followers

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reasons why you're not gaining followers


So you've been trying to promote your business through social media for a while now and you can't figure out how to get any traction. You're not gaining followers, not getting any sales and you're losing motivation right? Below are some possible reasons why you aren't gaining followers across your social media channels.

#1 - You Have No Target Audience

In a perfect world every business would like all types of people to buy from them, and for some that may be the case, but every successful business has a particular type of person they are actively targeting.

So how does one go about creating a target audience? The two categories that are used to curate a target audience are Demographic and Psychographic. Demographics include things such as age, race and location. Psychographics include things like hobbies, interests and lifestyle. From this you want to create a consumer profile, this is your ideal customer.

demographic - psychographic


Let's say you run a high end cosmetics business in the UK, specialising in cruelty free lip products, the average price of your product is £30 and you only ship within the UK. The audience profile for your target audience or ideal customer would look something like this:


Once you've figured out your target audience then you can figure out how to properly target them, because you know who they are.

#2 - You Are Not Targeting Your Audience Properly

So now you know your audience, do you know how to properly target them? Lets take the audience profile from the above point and figure out how to properly target that particular person. 

Aaliyah from Manchester is 25, vegan, loves animals and likes to watch makeup tutorials online, how do we get our product in front of Aaliyah? Two ways we can get our product in front of Aaliyah are #1 - Sending our products to beauty content creators that she watches. Finding a beauty content creator that is also vegan and specifically uses cruelty free products isn't hard in 2020, the influencer marketing approach is a great way to find your target audience. #2 - Finding a social media account dedicated to an interest of your target audience, in this case we could find a vegan Facebook group, an Instagram account for cruelty free makeup brands etc. This is where your target audience already are so if you interact with the followers from these pages, your chances of them following you increase because they already have an established interest in parts of your brand. 

#3 - Your Profile/Feed is Unappealing

So now you've liked all the photos on Aaliyah the vegan from Manchester's account and she sees you in her notifications, she clicks on your page to check it out and she doesn't follow you, why? Ask yourself these questions:

Are your photos high quality?

Is your bio a mess?

Do you only post one type of content?

Is your feed too "PLEASE BUY MY PRODUCTS" heavy?

Do your products look appealing in your product photos?

Would YOU follow your account based on its feed?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself when looking at your profile and feed, if you're unsure ask someone to give you some feedback. Having an aesthetically pleasing feed isn't for your current followers, but for your potential followers, people like to follow accounts they think look good, so make sure your page looks good. You don't need to have a strict schedule of when you post what type of content e.g. text post, video post, photo, text post, video post, photo. These strict schedules often become limiting and take the fun out of creating your feed.

#4 - You Are Not Visible Enough

So maybe you do have all the points above, but you're still not gaining followers, what might it be, these are some other things to consider.

Consistency, are you posting often enough on your social media channels? Posting 3 times a week on Instagram isn't going to cut it, you need to post everyday 2-4 times a day across all your social channels, your followers need to remember they follow you and you need to be discoverable.

Hashtags YES HASHTAGS, they work trust me! Hashtags are essential for discoverability, but here's the trick, you need to use hashtags that aren't saturated, if a hashtag already has 1million+ posts, forget it. Find hashtags that have a few hundred/thousand posts so you can rank higher and be visible when people search it. Also if you are a local business e.g. Nail tech, Hair stylist etc use localised hashtags e.g. #LondonNailTech #DartfordBraider. Your local customers are using these hashtags to find businesses and services like yours.

Instagram Reels is a great way to increase your visibility on Instagram so get on there RIGHT NOW! Instagram is pushing content posted on Reels as it's their feature competing with TikTok, they want more people to use Reels so they're pushing the content as much as possible, hop on there QUICKLY!

Lastly are you on enough platforms? Instagram, TikTok and Facebook seem to be the best social platforms for small businesses to thrive, but have you tried YouTube and Pinterest? YouTube is a great way to provide value to an audience while promoting your business. Showing people how you make your products, how you run your business and providing other types of value are great ways to engage people and gain a following.

#5 - You're not Providing Value

Continuing on with value creation, it is important to note that people do not only follow brand accounts because they like their products, they follow for content they deem valuable. There are different types of content on social media, the most important are informational/educational content, conversational content, inspirational content, entertainment content and connection content. If you are providing content that covers these areas then you will be able to gain and retain followers. Below are some examples of how our Instagram content fits into the content types.

Take on board some of the things in this article and see how you can use them to improve your brand's social media accounts. Let us know how it goes xoxo

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  • This was very informative. Thank you.

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  • LOVE THIS. I’ve been having a hard time with my business and really trying to figure out who I’m trying to sell to. This was the perfect breakdown and I appreciate you for this!

    Thank you! Will be sharing with everyone 💖

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  • This is great advice, thanks so much

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