How To Start A Small Business (Ebooklet)

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Got a business idea but you just don't know where to start?

Have you got a talent that you don't know how to monetise yet?

Have you started your business but want to make it look more professional?

If you've been selling for a few months or just have an idea, this ebooklet will help you with branding, social media, websites and loads more to get your business looking professional and running smoothly.

Telling you what you need to start your small business whether you're selling products or providing a service.

This guide is ideal for:

- Cosmetic Brands (Makeup, Skincare, Haircare etc)

- Boutique style brands (Selling various products)

- Beauty Service Providers (Nail tech, hair stylist and other beauty services)

But can be applied to a variety of businesses

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Customer Reviews

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Shannel Smith
Very informative

Thank you very much I got some good information that would help with my Business. ✨💫🙂