As a small Black owned business it breaks our heart to see the injustices that are STILL happening to Black people at the hands of law enforcement and racists, not just in the United States but all over the world, we are sick and tired of seeing Black men and women being mistreated and KILLED by people that see us as less than. 
We encourage you to donate and sign petitions to help aid in the efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement and the efforts seeking justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others that have been failed by a broken system.


Where You Can Donate

Black Lives Matter - Click Here

Brandon Saenz Medical Fund (Shot by Police During Protests) - Click Here

Justice for Breonna Taylor - Click Here

Minnesota Freedom Fund - Click Here

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund - Click Here

Black Visions Donations - Click Here

Reclaim The Block - Click Here

North Star Health Collective - Click Here

Homeless Black Trans Women Fund - Click Here

The Philadelphia Bail Fund - Click Here

Chicago Community Bond Fund - Click Here

Louisville Community Bail Fund - Click Here

Atlanta Bail Relief - Click Here

Houston Texas (Harris County Jail) Bail Fund - Click Here

LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund - Click Here

Jacksonville Florida Community Support Fund - Click Here


Create a Independent Police Conduct Authority That Can Issue & Revoke Policing Licenses (VERY SMALL) - Click Here

Tell Congress You Support Making Lynching a Federal Hate Crime - Click Here

Justice for Marshae Jones and Her Unborn Baby - Click Here

Stand With Breonna - Click Here

Reopen Kendrick Johnson's Case - Click Here

Reopen Sandra Bland's Case - Click Here

Reopen Tamir Rice's Case - Click Here 

Ban the use of Lethal Rubber Bullets - Click Here

Justice For Joāo Pedro - Click Here

Julius Jones is innocent (Save Julius from being executed) - Click Here 

End future contracts and partnerships with ICE - Click Here

Justice for George Floyd - Click Here

Justice for George Floyd - Click Here

Justice for George Floyd - Click Here

Raise the Degree (Get the degree of murder against Derek M Chauvin raised) - Click Here

Hands Up Act - Click Here 

#WeCantBreath - Click Here

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery - Click Here

Justice for Cameron Green - Click Here

Justice for Delucca - Click Here

Justice for Tete - Click Here

Stand with Willie Simmons - Click Here


UK Based

Improve Maternal Mortality Rates and Health Care for Black Women in the U.K. (Petition) - Click Here

Justice for Julia Cole (Petition) - Click Here

Justice for Shukri Abdi (Petition) - Click Here

Investigate bullying at Broadoak Sports College (Shukri Yahya Abdi) (Petition) - Click Here

UK Black Pride (Donation) - Click Here

Petition to Take Down All Statues of Slave Traders in the UK (Petition) - Click Here

Changes to be Made to the School System to Address Racial Issues in the UK (Petition) - Click Here

Justice for Belly Mujinga (Petition) - Click Here

Justice for Sheku Bayoh (Died in Police Custody) (Petition) - Click Here

Free Siyanda (Petition)Click Here

Suspend UK export of riot gear to USA (Petition) - Click Here

Battle Racism by Updating GCSE Reading Lists (Petition) - Click Here

Make White Privilege & Systemic Racism a Compulsory Part of British Education (Petition) - Click Here

UK - Condemn the Violence Against Peaceful BLM Protesters by the US Police/Military (Petition) - Click Here

Medical schools must include BAME representation in clinical teaching (Petition) - Click Here

More protection for Black Trans Women UK (Petition) - Click Here

The UK government must condemn Trump's response to George Floyd's murder (Petition) - Click Here

Teach British children about the realities of British Imperialism & Colonialism (Petition) - Click Here

A Demand For a Covid-19 Race Equality Strategy (Petition) - Click Here

A National Period of Remembrance For Victims of Slavery and racial Injustice (Petition) - Click Here