Wand Tube Vendor Sourcing

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Need wand tubes but don't know where to start? We've got you covered! We’re now sourcing squeeze tubes too!

We're offering a bespoke vendor sourcing service, no more expensive vendor lists with a bunch of vendors you don't need. Send us photos of exactly what you want and we'll find vendors with exactly what you need.

- Each service is good for 2 types of tube, so if you want 2 different types of tube buy 1 of this service, if you want 4 different types of tube, buy 2 of this service. If you want 3 different tubes you will need to buy 2 of this service.

- Minimum order quantities will be 100 - 200 pieces, we will look for the lowest for you.

- Vendors will also have the option to print at lower quantities* Subject to availability

- This is a vendor sourcing service, you will not be buying tubes from us when you purchase this service!


- Once you have purchased please send an email with your order number and "Vendor Sourcing" as the subject line (Example - "Order #EVE1009 Vendor Sourcing").

- In the body of the email please include: Your Name, Country and two photos of the tubes you would like us to source.

- Processing will take up to 3 business days

- Sourcing not limited to the photos shown 

- If we cannot source your tubes you will be issued a refund